Labor Bag Checklist- FREE PRINTABLE!

Phone Charger- Check

Clothes For Baby- Check

Clothes For Me- Check

Car Seat- Check

UMMMMM....... What else do I need to pack in my Labor/Hospital Bag?

Many expecting parents have NO IDEA what to pack in their labor bag. Something is always forgotten and someone is left without a clean pair of underwear. The Birth & Baby Company has made it easy for you by creating a checklist that includes EVERYONE!

There might be a few things on there that YOU don't personally need. Just cross them off and keep going. Also, you might have a few extra things that you find really important. We tried to make a list for the average expecting family and what they will need. 

Please remember that everyone isn't the same and everyone has different needs. Let us know what you think. If you want us to add something, email us and we will be happy to keep expanding our list. 

Scroll down, enter your email (we like to make sure you're not a robot), and enjoy our checklist.

Peace, Love, & Baby Dust,

The Birth & Baby Company