DadWare- Bondaroo Shirt

We know how it goes, dad is in charge of diaper duty because well…. they didn't just give birth to a baby! Many new dads don't get enough time to bond with their newborn because of work, baby always wanting to feed, or they just don't know what they should do. This is where DadWare comes in. The founder of DadWare, Nick Baker, was a new dad that was sick (literally) of laying around his house shirtless while trying to bond with his new daughter. He created the Bondaroo so he could do skin to skin without having to be topless or stretch out his regular t-shirts. The Bondaroo was created by a dad with dads in mind!


Skin to skin is amazing! It helps regulate the baby’s temperature and blood sugars, they are much calmer, and they sleep better. Mothers who practice kangaroo care have an increase of milk supply and can reduce postpartum depression. What about dad you might ask? BONDING! If the baby is breastfed, more than likely dad is handling the diapers and the “can you grab me this” role. Dads who regularly do skin to skin feel confident in caring and holding their newborn. They get their own special time with their child to help learn their cues (mom, head for the shower after getting some adorable photos). Most of all, they get to relax, bond and let the oxytocin flow!


The Bondaroo is a men's shirt made from Bamboo, Cotton, and a little Spandex with High Technology Hook (HTH) and Loop material from Velcro Brand fasteners to open and close the flap. We also love that it is made here in U.S.A. The shirt is NOT meant to be worn as a baby carrier since it doesn't have a structure built into it to hold the weight of your baby. It is purely used to encourage bonding with your child with through skin to skin.


Our opinions of the Bondaroo is that it is GREAT for all new parents who want to feel relaxed and covered while bonding with their new baby. The Bondaroo would be perfect for NICU families because they typically have a limited time that they are able to hold their child. Also Intended Parents, who are using a surrogate since they will be waiting for the gestational carrier to deliver and might have to wait for a little before they can hold their newborn. Our only cons are the look of the shirt. I personally can’t see someone walking around wearing this shirt. It reminds me a lot of nursing clothes for breastfeeding women. They work great but they don't always look great. Another con for us is the price. We understand that having products made in the US are going to be a little higher but I find the shirt just a little too high.


With talks of the price being a little too high, I am happy to tell all of our followers that DadWare is offering a 20% discount code just for you! Use the code “BIRTHANDBABY” to get 20% off your order.


Overall, we like the DadWare Bondaroo shirt. We think it would be a good product for a “new dad starter kit”. Mr. Birth & Baby, has also given his seal of approval and thinks it would be a great gift for a few of his buddies. We love that it promotes skin to skin bonding for parents without them having to hang out topless when they don't want to!